Boat Rental in Torrevieja - whaly Whaly boat 435

Whaly boats offer you plenty of boating fun at affordable prices! These extremely sturdy, double-walled boats are manufactured entirely out of plastic (Polyethylene), so they are low-maintenance, have very spacious interiors and are very safe.  Looking for a dealer? Which dealers in your neighbourhood sell Whaly boats? Check this list to find approved Whaly dealers and all the necessary contact details. Лодки Whaly сверху продажу: Ваш поиск: производитель: Whaly. готовить к печати границы поиска. Whaly Whaly надувная лодка: Whaly, новая швербот метраж x ширина: 4,99 м x 2,10 м, 4,99 x 2,10 м г. постр.: двигатель: Honda, 50 л.с. (37 кВт), бензин € поле стоянки: Франция, Arzon продавец: PASSION NAUTIC CLUB. цена: €
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